More than architecture

Curriculum Vitae

Łukasz Dziedzic


  • Master of Architecture and Urban Design
  • Technician of Plastic arts: visualising, advertising and exhibitions.


  • Architecture designer
  • Urban designer
  • Interior designer
  • Landscape architecture designer

10 years of work experience

Other skills:

Fine arts techniques:
  • Architectural drawing
           Owner of the art school
           Tutor of drawing techniques
  • Painting, watercolour, graphic
           Mixed and my own techniques
Computer graphic art:
  • 3D architectural visualizations
  • 2D computer graphic
           PS models, poster art, lettering, DTP
  • Photography
  • Architectural model making
  • Sculpture
  • Web page building
  • Creator of the web bussines strategy
  • Branding
Interests in art
  • History of art and architekture
  • Art of arranging exhibitions
  • Fashion design
Programs palette:
  • AutoCad,ArchiCad,AccuRender
    PS,Corel PI,Gimp,ArgerWeb,Office
English language:
  • Comunicative
Personal informations:






No childern.

Driver's license, one's own car

Able to start work immediately

I am highly interested in work:

  • Permanent job contract
  • Outsorcing works from
           regular cooperation partners
  • Commissioned works from
           institutions, companies and customers.



Higher education

Master of Architecture

Faculty of Architecture of the Cracow University of Technology

  • In the field of Architecture and Urban Design.
  • Postgraduated the five-year full time Master's Degree study program.
  • In the period from November 1999 until October 2010.

Recognaized by the Royal Institute of British Architects
as giving exemption from Parts 1 and 2 of the RIBA Examination in Architecture.

Final diploma:

Urban development strategy for middle city with use railway and bus junction
Faculty of Modern Urban City Planning
f.Prof. Z.Zuziak | department head and supervisor.

Secondary education

Technician of Plastic arts

Faculty of Visual Art of the Tarnów Secondary School of Arts

  • In the field of Advertising and Exhibitions.
  • Completed the five-year full time art program and regular high school.
  • During the period from September 1994 until May 1999.
Final diploma:

Educational model of variable motion | Faculty of Art of making an exhibitions


Work experiences

10 years of work experience


Architectural projects
Architecture | Interiors | Landscape architecture

Projects designed for a company and individual customers.

Current Co-workers:
  • Architecture
  • Building constructions
    • Kamil Dziedzic | Master of building engineering
  • Landscape architecture
    • Paweł Kostrzewa | Master of landscape architekture
    • Garden design studio in Kielce
Drawing school
MDK-Kurs in Cracow

School of the architectural drawing
in Cracow since 2008.

  • Inventor, owner, supervisor and manager
  • Creator of educational programs
  • Principal lecturer and tutor of
           architectural drawing and plastic arts techniques
  • 8 years of teaching experience
  • Private army over 500 ex-students.
           Current architects and students of architecture

More informations:
       Drawing school presentation

Current Co-workers:
  • Architectural drawing education
    • Sketch
    • Drawing school in Kielce since 2014
    • Set up from my initiative
    • Share know-how and work cooperative
  • Art education
Private army of employee

Masters, bachelors and students of the
architecture and landscape architekture
recruited from my ex-student
in Poland and UK.

Web design:
Sell Buy Art | Bag creator | Lovely bakery | in progress

Web designs related to:

  • Web design skills and business strategy
  • Fashion design and sale products

More informations:
       Webdesign and Fashion

Current Co-workers:
  • Web systems
    • PingSoftStudio
    • Web design studio in Wroclaw
    • Tomasz Czado | Master of Information Technology
    • CMS administration and PHP systems

Previous employers



Architecture bureau in Mielec
Dorota Hamala-Lis | Master of architecture

  • 2 years of full time work
  • Out-sorcing commissioned projects

Architecture project studio in Mielec
Danura Pazdro | Master of Architecture
Marek Krystek | Master of Architecture

  • One year of full time work
  • One year of part time work during studies
  • Indyvidual projects and cooperation partner

Architecture studio in Zakopane
Ewelina Kahl and March Maciej Gaczorek | Masters of Architecture

  • Out-sorcing commissioned projects
  • Indyvidual projects and cooperation partner

Interior design


Interior design studio in Cracow
Piotr Machelski | Master of Interior Design

  • One year of part time work during first year of studies
  • Interior designer assistant



Contractor company and building developer in Mielec

  • Half year of a part time study practice
  • Building organisation and engineering supervision assistant


Department of Urban Plannig of Krosno City
  • 3 months practise during studies

Real estate

Wally Kos contractor

Selling and buying real estate agency
Indyvidual contractor in Chicago

  • Searching and recognising the estates to buy in Poland
  • Work for the percent of profits

Majority of my previous employments, co-workers and ex-students used to continue work-relationship even after completed job.
They used to share with me: project orders and subcontractor, professional trainings, experiences and knowledge.

Practical skills

Architectural design and fine art experience

Architecture design

Projects of buildings
  • Residences, houses and terrace houses
  • Housing developments and multi-family buildings
  • Filling constructions
  • Offices buildings for public, company and corporation
  • Commercial and mixed functions
  • Factories
  • Hall- steel and woood construction used for:
           Sport and recreation
           work space
Other projects
  • Inventory of modern and historic buildings and complexes
  • Modernization and extension of existed ones
  • Reconstruction and restitution of historical ones
Supporting structure technology
  • Concret structures and structural clay products
  • Steel structures
  • Wood constructions and Canadian one

Reading and preparing the building documentation.

  • Formal and work use:
    • Plans, sections, elevations, details and situation maps
    • Architectural markings, registers and specifications.
  • The building code | UK in progress
  • Archi and Auto CAD programs
    Divide documentation on work process.
Knowledge and experiences
  • Investor relations in project, building and finance proces
  • Work building proces organisation and inspection
           Many simple work buildings I can do by myself
  • History of European and world architecture:
    • Historical, Modern and Regional architecture styles

Urban planning

Projecting proces
  • Inventory of citys structures:
    • Research, consultaions, functional analysis
    • Maps and schemes of current condition
  • Development strategy for cities and urban areas.
  • Conceptual projects for urban tenders.
  • Creating structure order of development:
    • Conception of space, progress plans with consultation.
    • Geometric division.
    • Functional classification with good neighbourhood.
    • Development intensity.

Reading and preparing the urban plans.

  • Final maps and drawing documentation
    • Master and precise plans
    • Architectural drawings of urban space
    • Urban index and factors in projecting proces.
  • Modern planning strategy of urban development
  • History of European urban planning

Interior design

Interior designs
  • Offices and work areas
           for public, corporations, companies and bussineses
  • Shops and exhibitions
  • Houses and residences
  • Flats and apartments
           for living, rent and sale
Design works
  • Inventory of current interiors
  • Arrangement plans
  • Functional divisions:
           Conversions, ownership divisions
           Construction changes and modernizations
  • Floor furnitures ordering plans
  • Celling and wall architecture
  • Light architecture and electricity
  • Color plans
  • Bathrooms, kitchens, fireplaces and
    Furniture projects

Reading and preparing the final drawing documentation.

  • Plans, sections, construction and furniture details
  • Registry and specifications.
  • Singing contract and building work organization

Landscape architecture

Landscape architecture and garden designs
  • Housing and residence gardens
  • Public green areas
  • Garden furniture and elements:
           bowers, terraces, enclosures,
           water holes and pools, fireplaces
           paths, driveways and car shelters
Project works
  • Inventory of land form, green areas and silva
  • Arranging plans
           Geometry ordering
           Plants and trees
           Garden furniture and elements

Architecture presentation

3D computer models and visualizations:
  • Urban structures
  • Buildings and complexes
  • Interiors and furniture
  • Landscape projects and
  • 3D graphic programs:
           AutoCAD | ArchiCAD | AccuRender
Photography and photomontage
  • 2D graphic programs:
           PhotoShop | CorelPhotoImpact | Gimp
3D manual models
  • Working, demonstration and sale presentation
Manual visualizations
  • Architectural drawing, drafts and working sketches
  • Painting, watercolour, mixed techniques.
  • Good technique

Art techniques

Architectural drawing:

Master level of my own techniques:

  • Pencil, marker, ink, graphic mixed-techniques.
Broat scope of topics
  • Projects: architecture, landscape, interiors and furniture
  • Still life, portraits and figures, act
  • Fantasy and art
  • Project proces
  • Architectural visualizations
  • Ilustration
Work experiences:
  • 8 years work experience
           in my Drawing School in Cracow
  • Specialisation in architectural drawing
  • Creator of educational programs
  • Lecturer and master tutor

Higher level of my own techniques:

  • Oil, acril, watercolour, graphic and mixed-techniques.
  • Hiyper-realism, impression and abstraction.
  • Architecture, landscape,
    Figures and act,
    Still life and other art researches
Painting for commission:
  • Portraits, copies and series
  • Visualizations and ilustration
  • Instaltions, mock-ups
    sculpture, bas-relief, architectural details.
  • Classic: casts, modelling clay, woodcarving
  • Modern: cardboard models , mixed-techniques instalations
  • Black and white manual photography
           Medium and large cameras
  • Digital colour photography
  • Pinhole | Macrophotography | Classic photos | Photomonages
Art topics
  • Cities, architecture, interiors and landscapes
  • Nature: structure, plants and animals
  • People: portraits and body acts, daily life
  • Architecture, buildings and interiors
  • Products and objects
  • Report: Events and spectacles
  • Artists' biographies
Work experiences
  • Summer photography course
    2 editions/2 groups x 2h/pcw.
           in cooperation with Karol Paciorek
           Photopodcast35mm, Lekkostronniczy, Geekshow
History of Art and architecture
  • Specialistic about architecture and urban styles
  • Generally about art and trends
  • Inventory of historic buildings and complex.
  • Projects of modernization and reconstruction.
  • Projects of interior design
    specific style creation: regional, ancient, historic styles and modern art branding.
  • Projects consultation.
Work experiences
  • Profesional one year course of History of Arts | in cooperation with Ph.D Wojciech Szymański from Academy of Arts in Cracow
    | 5 years/2 groups x 2h/pcw.
  • Series of lectures about history of architekture and styles | every classes in my artistic school in Cracow
    | 8 years/5 groups x 4h/pcw.

Web design

  • Web pages
  • Shops
  • Online creators
  • Graphic project and coding
Programming languages:
  • HTML and CSS Style | fluent
  • PHP form | JS action | JQuery modyfication
  • Application adding- galeries, rollers, gadgets
  • Install on virtual server
Web projects menagment:

Built advanced web bussines conception and sales of web tools

  • Created products
  • Branding
  • Business plan and progress strategy
  • Social and local promotion strategy
  • On-line creator system:
    • Action principles
    • Option menu and selection pallets
    • Part graphic files
  • On-line ordering system:
    • Shopping bag and orders
    • On-line payments
    • Customer zone and order changes
  • Photos of products or graphic files

Fashion design

Hobby and bussines interests

  • Bag creator
           Models and elements
           Graphic files
  • Individual bags projects