Terrace house


Maisonette houses ordered in serial arrangement
situated in the corner of angular building plot
with good neighbourhood division

Supporting structure
  • Concret sructure filling in structural clay products
  • Open south elevation with decks
  • Closed north elevation
  • Diagonal and vertical mixed compositon
  • Cozy and estetic materials
    • Warm colors
    • Natural wood
    • Light beige plaster
    • Dark brown burnt brick
Functional plan
  • Ground floor:
    • Living room with fireplace and wood deck
    • Open kitchen and dining room
    • Comunication and stairs
    • Bathroom and boiler room
    • Guest room
    • Optional garage
  • First floor:
    • Three to four rooms
      with deck or individual bathroom
    • Two bathrooms
    • Laundry
  • 2-3 car park or optional garage
  • Ground wood deck and first floor terrace
  • Backyard

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Low-energy house

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  • Simple technical building.
  • Office zone, communication and services stations.
  • Technical esthetics make of use:
    • Modular steel supporting structure.
    • Modular facade lining.

City mall

Public office building